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Quem dera todo preconceito fosse desse tipo:

YouTube Rewind is awesome once again

YouTube Rewind is awesome once again. Thanks 2015 for all the memes and fun. Glad to see our partners from Mexico, Brazil and beyond. The diversity on YouTube is definitely different from traditional media, and I'm glad this is the future of video consumption. Ready for 2016!!

Working from NYC

Working from NYC



Google | Star Wars: Awaken the Force Within
Dark side or light side? Choose your side of the Force to transform your Google experience. #ChooseYourSide

Imagina executar esse texto

Imagina executar esse texto. <slow clap>

Infelizmente agora bacon (e linguiças) estão na mesma categoria de outras coisas que causam câncer, como o sol. Ok, prometo só comer nos dias que não tomar sol então. 🙂

Bacon Causes Cancer? Sort of. Not Really. Ish.